Karma ain’t no bitch, it’s a law

Yeah, that’s right!  lol…

But seriously,  this has been on my mind recently.  Everything in this world is ruled by the Law of Causation–which simply states that every action (be it physical, emotional, psychological, chemical, biological) has an effect and vice versa.  On a very simple level, for instance…if we exercise and eat a balanced diet, abstain from smoking and partying, we will have a healthy body.  If we are lazy and eat Taco Bell everyday, we probably will have an unhealthy, diseased body.

Now, let’s segway to karma…the Law of Karma states that not only are we a product of our past, but, we have the opportunity and freedom to control the outcome of our future.  That first part seems so disheartening…and yeah, it’s really hard.  It’s really hard to take an accurate assessment of who we are and where we are and admit that it was us who got us here…(maybe “here” is a complete and total mess…I don’t know!) 

A real trainwreck

Is this your life?

The awesome part is, that we can fix it if we want!  That’s right folks, I control my future!  If I want a certain person as a romantic partner…I can act presently on that…what I mean is, I can act in a way that is honorable and will help me to attain that goal.  I wouldn’t decide who I want to be with and then end up fooling around with other people…because if I did that, then the person I want to be with probably won’t want to be with me.  (So simple,yet sometimes so complicated!)  If I want a job that’s going to satiate me, I’m not going to switch from working at MacDonald’s to Ruby Tuesdays…get what I’m saying here?  It’s tough to examine these things.  And, it’s tough to implement these changes because we are so set in our ways of doing things.  

Every action I make is meaningful and has an effect (or consequence).  If I say something mean behind somebody’s back, and somehow it gets to that person…their feelings will be hurt by MY ACTIONS.  Even if my intention wasn’t to be hurtful…that action of gossiping IS hurtful, no matter what.  And even if it meant “nothing” to me (hello Ego! how are you doing today?), it surely meant something to that person.  Which, by default renders it meaningful.  Now, the tricky part is, is to truly understand this and take the time to THOUGHTFULLY decide if what I’m doing is right for me and who I aspire to be.  If I do not take the time to consider my actions, negative effects are sure to follow.  And, I have to ask myself:  Am I the type of person who is willing to sacrifice someone else’s feelings in order to gossip, cheat, steal, lie, whatever, etc??  Is what I want worth it?  Or, do I want something better than that?  Whatever the answer is, is ok…as long as I am honest with myself because that’s who I have to answer to when all is said and done. 

We can think all we want, which is wonderful…we can have the best intentions, which is wonderful…however, if we are unable to implement them into action, which requires assessing ourselves and the action at hand from all angles we cannot guide ourselves to change our futures for what we deem best.  I know it’s hard, but…

How empowering is that?!


When is it enough to just be?

Sometimes, this is a lot harder than it sounds.  When things are going “my way”…whenever I’m “getting what I want”…It’s really easy to be content with how things are presently.  And of course this is true.  I can just BE happy and content that things are unfolding according to my well-thought out  life plan. 

Occasionally, it is enough for me to “just be” when I’m feeling depressed or sad or lonely or angry or a host of other negative intangibles.  I mean, who can honestly be peaceful and content one hundred percent of the time?  So I know that when these emotions arise within, that they are momentary…they will pass, and I can be ok even when I’m not ok…but only because I know that I’m really ok.  (Hilarious, right?)  In Vedanta, this is known as using your intellect to govern your mind.  Or, in psychology, operating I/E.  (Familiar with that equation?  It’s intelligence over emotion.) 

However, when life-plan A has failed and I resort to life-plan B…which is really just transitional, things can get really tough.  At times I find my intellect weakened as I entertain less than productive thought patterns.  (To put it nicely.)  And all of a sudden, it seems that I am not enough where I am–my job, my finances, my hobbies, my living situation, the way I relate to the world.  Believe me when I tell you that this list could go on…


I read an article on elephantjournal once titled:  Why It’s Good to Lay Broken in a Pile on Your Bedroom Floor.  I try to remember this article during a really tough time.  The author talks about this lesser known hindu goddess named She-Who-Is-Never-Not-Broken, who is a metaphor that we as humans are always changing…we are always being broken and putting ourselves back together again…and that when this process ceases, our life ceases as well. 

Also, my sister once said that we are like banks of a river.  All the people and objects of the world that pass by us, shape us (like the water of a river!)…and our shapes are constantly shifting and changing. 

Although I cannot hold on to life-plan A, I can at least have a say in how these events shape me as a human.  I could become bitter and self-loathing (not that this behavior exudes me 100% of the time…so I’m NOT perfect, ok?!) OR I could use these events to analyze why things didn’t work out…and how I can change my behaviors to better ensure a positive outcome for next time…and also learn how to better assess people and situations so I might have that Plan A, which by the nature of the world has already evolved and changed. 

And, in the meantime, writing this has already helped me to be OK with just being…even if I feel pretty miserable, I also feel pretty damn good too.

Even yogis loose their shit

In case you were wondering, we really do loose our shit.

When I first started practicing, I thought that my teachers had it “together.”  (Whatever that means.)  It was a mystery to me, and that was what kept me coming back at first.  I thought, boy, I want to keep it together real nice all the time. 

I just recently realized it’s practically impossible.  No matter how long we practice and study and give and receive and chant and sing and pray and whatever else we like to do, we will always be able to feel something sad, lonely, heartaching/breaking, angry.  And, if that feeling is intense enough, we are capable of “loosing it.”  Yes.  I mean crying…sobbing hysterically unable to stop.  (I think we have an endless supply of tears)  I mean we can curse people out…telling them what we “really think of ’em.”  We can secretly spy on people just to fuel whatever our fear is. 

We are not some saintly beings who walk around super aware and in tune with ourselves constantly; who feel the “oneness” with the universe at all times and know that when our hearts are broken, that it’s really okay.  That it was all just temporary anyway.  And on top of that, can just sit back and watch our emotions roll in and out like waves of the ocean…nonreactive. 

We can however, feel more fully I believe.  Not only the sadness and anger, but the joy and love also.  We can appreciate (even if it is after the freak-out session) the intensity of the emotion and situation that brought it on hand.  The precise talent we have IS feeling…and being able to assess (eventually or right away) events and how to either continue or stop them.  This could take years…or, it could happen the first time.

Either way, at least it IS happening.  Even if we can’t yet see the destination in action.