Karma ain’t no bitch, it’s a law

Yeah, that’s right!  lol…

But seriously,  this has been on my mind recently.  Everything in this world is ruled by the Law of Causation–which simply states that every action (be it physical, emotional, psychological, chemical, biological) has an effect and vice versa.  On a very simple level, for instance…if we exercise and eat a balanced diet, abstain from smoking and partying, we will have a healthy body.  If we are lazy and eat Taco Bell everyday, we probably will have an unhealthy, diseased body.

Now, let’s segway to karma…the Law of Karma states that not only are we a product of our past, but, we have the opportunity and freedom to control the outcome of our future.  That first part seems so disheartening…and yeah, it’s really hard.  It’s really hard to take an accurate assessment of who we are and where we are and admit that it was us who got us here…(maybe “here” is a complete and total mess…I don’t know!) 

A real trainwreck

Is this your life?

The awesome part is, that we can fix it if we want!  That’s right folks, I control my future!  If I want a certain person as a romantic partner…I can act presently on that…what I mean is, I can act in a way that is honorable and will help me to attain that goal.  I wouldn’t decide who I want to be with and then end up fooling around with other people…because if I did that, then the person I want to be with probably won’t want to be with me.  (So simple,yet sometimes so complicated!)  If I want a job that’s going to satiate me, I’m not going to switch from working at MacDonald’s to Ruby Tuesdays…get what I’m saying here?  It’s tough to examine these things.  And, it’s tough to implement these changes because we are so set in our ways of doing things.  

Every action I make is meaningful and has an effect (or consequence).  If I say something mean behind somebody’s back, and somehow it gets to that person…their feelings will be hurt by MY ACTIONS.  Even if my intention wasn’t to be hurtful…that action of gossiping IS hurtful, no matter what.  And even if it meant “nothing” to me (hello Ego! how are you doing today?), it surely meant something to that person.  Which, by default renders it meaningful.  Now, the tricky part is, is to truly understand this and take the time to THOUGHTFULLY decide if what I’m doing is right for me and who I aspire to be.  If I do not take the time to consider my actions, negative effects are sure to follow.  And, I have to ask myself:  Am I the type of person who is willing to sacrifice someone else’s feelings in order to gossip, cheat, steal, lie, whatever, etc??  Is what I want worth it?  Or, do I want something better than that?  Whatever the answer is, is ok…as long as I am honest with myself because that’s who I have to answer to when all is said and done. 

We can think all we want, which is wonderful…we can have the best intentions, which is wonderful…however, if we are unable to implement them into action, which requires assessing ourselves and the action at hand from all angles we cannot guide ourselves to change our futures for what we deem best.  I know it’s hard, but…

How empowering is that?!



Dharma…or simply put (meaning in english) our individual calling, duties or principles.  We each have our own truths.  What is right for me is not necessarily right for another.  (But wouldn’t life be amazingly easy if we all had the same truths to live by?!) 

Should I take this new job?  Is my current lover right for me?  Is how I acted/interacted/reacted right for who I am? 

Maybe that last part is key: Who am I?

As if answering these questions aren’t hard enough, the physical equipments we have to work with are NOT designed to go metaphorically deep sea diving into the layers of our core personality.  Think about it…

…We have eyes that see brilliant colors and shapes, as well as the pain and suffering occurring everyday.  Ears hear the murmurs of conversation, nature, music both nasty and sweet.  The tongue tastes all the nutrition we put into our bodies.  And skin feels the soft, gentle touch of a lover or wind; the physical pain of abuse or an accident.  Our noses smells scents from armpits to dinners…from hot, smoky fires to the rain that washes them out.

Don’t get me wrong, these are WONDERFUL things…our five sense.  However, I cannot decide which job to take by sniffing daffodils and I cannot decide to stay with or to leave my lover by licking lollipops. 

And…just to further complicate things:  What about what I WANT?!  Can I want the same things I need??  (oh, I think life would be grand if that were so!)  Can’t I have my lover…even though basic communication skills are lacking?  Can’t I have the lucrative job even though it exploits those less fortunate?  Can’t I eat all the cookies in the world and still get all the vitamins and minerals I need to sustain a healthy body?

So.  What happens when we’ve searched long and hard and deep into the darkness of our souls and find out (to our horrid disdain and fear) that:  No Julie, you can’t sustain a healthy body on cookies alone.  Or:  No, you need an intimate partner who can communicate his needs effectively as well…otherwise you’ll just be miserable.

Here it comes:

But…But…won’t I be miserable if I have to eat all those vegetables EVERY DAY?  and won’t I be miserable WITHOUT that guy who can’t communicate?  and…won’t the money make me forget that my job is causing others to suffer?  

Finding out our truth is haaaarrrrd work.  We have to go beyond the physical layers of our bodies…work through the trickiness of our emotions…to discover something that we might not want to admit.  Then what? 

Then, we have a choice.  And this choice is so very hard.  Emotionally jarring.  We might think we’ll be scarred for life.  But the amount of courage it takes; the strength we can muster to actually live our truth is what makes us the GREAT human race.  The ability to do what’s right for us.

I’m shaking my head right now thinking:  Man, life is freakin’ hard sometimes!  But totally worth it.