Signs you might be in love with a mentally ill person

Like most of my blogs, this one is also inspired by a third party and has absolutely NOTHING to do with my own life experience…mostly because my life (as I’ve experienced it) is flawless and magickal and I’m pretty sure puppy dogs and sunshine emanate from every pore of my being. At least that’s what the clairvoyant said to me last week when I paid her $55 to read my palm tarot.

So, I thought I’d give some of you a heads up about this…I mean, it can be really hard to date someone who is mentally ill…so you better be sure!

You know you are in love with someone who is mentally ill if…

1) There are periods of time when you talk to this person…and, although they respond to you verbally, it’s almost like they are empty inside. There is no “umph” or expression behind their verbal responses. Like they are a robot.

2) You tell them something tragic like: “my Mom is in the hospital” or “my good friend just got diagnosed with cancer” and they respond by saying: “They’ll be fine. Just tell him/her to man up.”

3) They read your journal while you’re at work…and know it’s wrong, but tell you about it anyway. (Ok, Ok, that might be classified under stupidity)

4) They tell you that if you look at anyone you’ve ever had relations with (even in passing) they’ll break up with you and never speak to you again.

5) When you try to tell them that making a joke about your friend having cancer upset you, they try to turn the table and make it seem like YOU’RE the crazy one.

6) They call you and say that they think they are “out of control” or “I think I have bipolar or something” and then two days later say that they are fine and everything is all right…no need to worry! Right. No need indeed.

Well, if any of this applies to you, I’d say you are in for a real treat should you choose to stay with this person! I cannot tell you what is wrong or right…I can just tell you what IS…and, if you related to ANY of the above, the person you love IS MENTALLY ILL.