No means no, right?

Saying “No” is one of the most empowering things I’ve learned to do–actually, “No thank you” is more my style.  But just because I’m polite doesn’t make my “No” more of a “Maybe” or a “Yes.”   (Despite popular belief.)


My favorite situations to employ this powerful word:

1)  I’m very flattered, but NO, I do not give out my number when I work at the night club…mostly because there is a pretty good chance that if you are not an alcoholic, you are a creep.

2)  Thanks, but NO, I do not want a hug from you right now.  When I’m upset or sad, I prefer to be hugged by people who actually care about me…like friends and some family members (c’mon…we all have that aunt or uncle or cousin we wouldn’t want touching us with a ten-foot pole).  Or I only want hugs from people I know.  Just because we practiced yoga together once doesn’t mean I KNOW YOU, okay?

3)  Umm…NO, I don’t want to attend a workshop called “Penetration.”  That’s something I like to do in private…not infront of my Kula.  But thanks for the invite.  (Maybe you want to come to my penetration workshop later tonight at my place…say nine o’clock or so, hmmm??)

4)  NO, I don’t like you and therefore do NOT want to hang out.  But I do like that you like me.  Wait…you still like me, right?  NO?  You mean, I have to hang out with you so you’ll like me?  I guess I can’t win ’em all.

5)  Beer?  Gross, NO thanks!  But if you have Cabernet or vodka, I will have one of those.

Tell me, what is YOUR favorite situation to say “NO” to?


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