Shine My Heart Through the Gates of My Arms?

I’ve been practicing yoga seriously for about three years now.

(Yes,seriously.)  I can perform all the basic asanas…the Warriors, Boats,

let me show you EXACTLY where it is...

any angle, etc.  I am so good at engaging my mula bandha…(if you need help, I could help you do it too.)  My lions breath is a force to be reckoned with–especially if I drink a coffee right before class.  And, I can practice a whole hour without paying attention to YOU, right next to me.  (But you definitely should be modifying that side angle…you’re DUMPING ON YOUR HEART, FOR PETE’S SAKE)

Let’s see…what else am I good at in yoga?  Oh, I can follow directions really well.  I mean, I know my left from my right…unlike the idiot in front of me.  And I’m pretty sure those around me feel uplifted and inspired by the flawless engagement of ujjayi pranayama.

I mean, I’m a YOGINI, everyone…

But, the other day in class, the instructor said, “Now, shine your heart through the gates of your arms…”  And I was like, “whoa!  what does that mean Mr. Yogi?”  I found myself frantically scanning the room as if it were my first time…and then I realized, oh, he means Updog.  Well, I’m really good at that too.

this is NOT me in updog. it is a DOG in updog.


2 responses to “Shine My Heart Through the Gates of My Arms?

  1. LOL totally!
    i really know what i’m doing… until some of these anusara teachers tell me to lift my armpits. i thought i had it down, until one of them said it’s different than shrugging the shoulders. i’m taking a training about anusara and i’ll update you with what it really means.

    ps i like the picture of ashwini mudra.

    • so funny you mentioned armpits…Ann is always telling us to lift our armpits. and the even more hilarious part is, that I think I can do it. (but I wouldn’t be able to explain to anyone how.)

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